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Flexi-Glass Floor
  • Sports, Design, Outdoor & SPA flooring
The Kushava Sports Flexi-Glass Floor is the most advanced flooring system in the world. Its unique substructure and custom-made glass surface deliver a floor ideal for sports and also for use in any modern building. The properties of glass allow far more than just an optimized floor surface. LED marking lines can be switched on/off or changed on demand. Video messages or scoreboards under the floor are only the beginning. The whole surface can be turned into one big screen.

Flexi-Glass Floor Application

Sports flooring:
Designed as a high performance sports floor, The customizable LED marking lines are a great feature that allow professional
single sport layouts for different sports in one space.

Design flooring in commercial or residential buildings:
The product is also very appealing for commercial or residential buildings. The application of different LED design elements like
hidden guidance systems, lines, customized RGB colour logos.

Outdoor flooring:
The floor can also be used outdoors. The glass is able to withstand all natural external influences like humidity, UV, sea water, vibration etc. In addition the grip of the floor can be adjusted to offer the ideal surface in potential wet or slippery conditions.

Spa flooring:
As for outdoor flooring, the grip of the floor can be adjusted to offer the ideal, easy to clean surface for spa areas. Installed mood lighting and LED design elements allow the architect totally new methods of illumination in spa areas.

Product Features

  • Long lifetime,
  • Low maintenance and great optics
  • Ideal sports floor for public and private venues.
  • Great and interactive design
  • Innovative ways for advertising

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